Flexible School Entrance Stage 0

Children who have reached the age of five attend the Flexible School Entrance Stage “Flex 0” of the Primary School. During the first year of the Flexible School Entrance Stage, “Flex 0”, the children pass through a nursery school programme that consists of one hour per day. In this programme, individual care is provided for the children from Kindergarten until they begin school. According to the children’s individual stage of development, the teachers gradually introduce them to school in a playful manner and give them tasks that are specifically tailored to their needs.

As well as this, the children also meet students from the first two school years, the “Flex 1/2”, for five lessons every week. Here the children receive the best possible preschool support in combination with playful activities. By regularly participating in the Flex 1/2 lessons, they also become familiar with the routines, rules and rituals of the Primary School. This ensures that the children experience a smooth transition when they move on to Primary School later on. Furthermore, the class teachers get a first impression of their future students. The subjects and topics of the lessons, where children from the Kindergarten and from Primary School meet, vary. These may include visits to the library or maths lessons or PE lessons within the framework of the Primary School.

For further information on the Flex 0 programme, please refer to the Curriculum for the Flexible School Entrance Stage 0

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