“Nature wants children to be children before they are men” (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

Welcome to the Kindergarten of the German School Taipei.

Composition of groups

The Kindergarten Team

The following team is responsible for looking after the children:

  • three classroom teachers
  • three assistants
  • two preschool class teachers (Flex 0 teachers)
  • one school asssitant
  • one coordinator for the language support programme
  • two language support teachers

Opening hours

The regular school day in the Kindergarten is from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. (7:30 open begin)

After this, the Kindergarten also offers a kita + programme (“Kiga-Plus”) until 5:00 pm.

Children who have reached the age of three can attend the Kindergarten. Children are admitted to the Kindergarten all year round. We also accept children who do not have any prior knowledge of German and we teach them the German language if they plan to receive a German school education.


  • three group rooms
  • one pre primary classroom
  • toilets
  • Daz + sleeping room

The following rooms are also available:

  • library
  • amphitheatre
  • gym room
  • children´s kitchen
  • school cafeteria

Several playgrounds within the school compound can also be used by the Kindergarten.

Daily schedule at the Kindergarten

Every day at Kindergarten has a clear structure which quickly gives children new to the Kindergarten a sense of self-confidence. The daily plan includes:

  • free play
  • having breakfast together
  • the daily “Stuhlkreis” (sitting together in a circle) to discuss important matters, learn or play together
  • playing and having fun in our outdoor playgrounds
  • lunch
  • time for a nap (for the very young children) and time for rest (for the nursery school children)
  • hours for PE, going to the library and for music

Supply List

Fundamental principles underpinning our pedagogical work


The basis for our everyday pedagogical work is the Thüringer Bildungsplan für Kinder bis 10 Jahre (“Education Plan of the Federal State of Thuringia for Children up to 10 years”). Our objective is to develop the children’s social and specialised skills so that they can work independently. The children engage in project work in a playful manner which is appropriate to their age, so that they may get to know the world in all fields of education.

Portfolio work enables us to set appropriate targets together with the children and document their progress in learning. We edit and fill in age-specific observation sheets together with the children. These not only serve as a basis for meetings with the parents, but they also enable us to give the children intensive individual support.

The Kindergarten places particular attention on developing language skills in German. This takes place on a daily basis during the regular Kindergarten programme thanks to individual support and support in small groups.

Language support

Children begin to form sounds at a very early age. This occurs long before they go to Kindergarten. For the purpose of language acquisition, it is absolutely essential to converse with the children as much as possible. This occurs during normal everyday situations, for example when meals are taken together, going for a walk or reading bedtime stories to them.

Language encourages and promotes communication and mutual understanding. Young children especially want to express themselves and the best way to do this is through language. This is why language support should begin with the youngest children. In the language support programme, it is not only the teacher who is important as a language model, but also the parents, other kindergarten teachers, Primary School teachers (when they meet the children from the Kindergarten) and all other persons who talk to the children.

In the Kindergarten we provide specific language support based on our Language Support Programme. An important part of the Wochenplan (weekly programme) are special language support units that aim to expand and consolidate the children’s language skills. Apart from integrated language support, we also provide additive language support.

Holidays and projects

Because our Kindergarten is in Taipei, we also introduce children to Taiwanese holidays and traditions. Of course, we also give due respect to German culture and cultural exchanges with the British and French sections are part of everyday school life.


During the year we celebrate the following holidays:

  • Chinese New Year
  • Lantern Festival
  • Easter
  • Moon Festival
  • St. Martin’s Festival
  • Santa Claus
  • Christmas


Many of our projects are carried out together with the other sections. Here are a few examples of previous projects:

  • Language Festival Week
  • Christmas Bazaar
  • Sports Day
  • Europe Day
  • International Peace Day
  • Summer Festival

If you have any questions regarding enrolment at the Kindergarten, please refer to our general information. If you would like further information, please contact our office:

Ms I-Hua Chang (School Secretary) 

+886 2 8145 9007 ext. 1302 or 2302

If you have any educational issues, please contact the Head of the Kindergarten:
Veronika Pfannkuch 

Parents whose children already attend the Kindergarten may contact the group leader directly via e-mail or the Kindergarten diary for communication between Kindergarten staff and the parents.

For the latest news from our Kindergarten, please see our Monatsblatt (monthly newsletter).

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