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The German School Taipei was founded in 1990 and provides children with school education according to German curricula and standards, leading up to general qualifications for enrolment at institutions of higher education.

At a very early stage, the school engaged in close cooperation with the British school and the French school. The schools have combined resources and benefit from a larger shared system. In 2002, the schools joined to form the Taipei European School. Within this framework, the German School Taipei (Deutsche Schule Taipei) functions as the German Section (Deutsche Sektion).

In Primary School up to Klasse 4 and in Secondary School (phase 1) up to Klasse 8, lessons are given on the basis of the framework curricula for German Overseas Schools as approved by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the German Länder (Federal States)

Students in Klasse 9 and 10 are taught in cooperation with the High School Section using the UK National Curriculum in preparation for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGSCE) of the University of Cambridge and also according to the framework curricula for German Overseas Schools. Classes are conducted both in English and in German. The students sit both the British IGCSE exams, as well as the German exams leading to intermediate centrally administered qualifications. This provides a smooth pathway for German students into the senior High School within the German system (Oberstufe: equivalent to “Senior High School”), as well as to international higher grade programmes.

Klasse 11 and 12 are conducted in English in cooperation with the British Secondary and High School Section and lead to the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB). In the subject group language A, students attend German classes at a native speaker level.  They thereby acquire the bilingual IB Diploma, which is acknowledged in Germany as a general qualification for enrolment at an institution of higher education.

The German School Taipei features small classes, in which students are supported intensively on an individual basis.

During the Federal Government and Länder Inspections (Bund-Länder-Inspektion) in September 2010 and November 2016, the German School Taipei qualified to receive the quality seal “Excellent German Overseas School” (Exzellente Deutsche Auslandsschule). It is a German Overseas School recognised by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the German Länder (Federal States).

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