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Dear parents, students and visitors,

Welcome to the German School Taipei!

Our school was founded in 1990 and it provides children from German speaking families and other persons with an interest in German education with a school education programme according to German curricula and standards, leading up to general qualification for enrolment at institutions of higher education.

Back in 1992 the school engaged in close cooperation with the British and French schools in Taipei and in 2002, the three schools joined together to form the Taipei European School. The German School Taipei (Deutsche Schule Taipei) and the German Section of the Taipei European School are now the same entity. We now have more than 160 children from Kindergarten to Klasse 12.

We admit children who have reached the age of three to the Kindergarten. The kindergarten is run in mixed age groups according to proven pedagogical principles and on the basis of the “Education Plan of the Federal State of Thuringia for Children under 10 years” (“Thüringer Bildungsplan für Kinder unter 10 Jahre”).

We also accept children to the Kindergarten who do not have any prior knowledge of German. They learn German in a playful manner and are prepared for the education programme at the German school. Sufficient knowledge of the German language is required to be admitted to the school. You will find more detailed information on this topic here.  

After reaching the age of five, children from the Kindergarten attend nursery school within the framework of the ‘Flexible School Entrance Programme 0’ (Flexible Eingangsstufe 0) and join students from the Primary School during regular lessons.

In this context they enjoy an individual programme, which aims to advance basic skills. Step by step they acquire the capability to attend the full scale education programme of the Primary School. Formal admission to Primary School takes place at the beginning of the school year or at the beginning of the second half-year term.

The first two school years of the Primary School are organised according to the Flexible School Entrance Stage 1/2, which combines both forms. The students pass through this programme at their own pace. Beginning with Klasse 3, they move on to the system in which each Klasse is taught separately.

Kindergarten and Primary School classes are located at the Swire European Primary Campus on WenLin Road. Beginning with Klasse 5, education is continued at the Swire European Secondary Campus in the Yang Ming Shan area.

On both campuses we have modern buildings with playgrounds, playing fields, well-equipped classrooms, a school cafeteria and a library.

Klasse 5 is designed as an Orientation Stage. From Klasse 6 onwards, the students are instructed in the form of internal differentiation (i.e. teaching pupils with different needs within one class), whether they are Grammar School students (Gymnasium), Intermediate Secondary School students (Realschule) or General Secondary School students (Hauptschule).

In Primary School and Secondary School up to Klasse 8, lessons are given on the basis of the framework curricula for German Overseas Schools, as approved by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the German Länder (Federal States).

In Klasse 5 to 8 the subjects of art, music and P.E. are taught in English by teachers who are English native speakers; in these subjects students from all sections are taught in the same class. This is where bilingual education begins.

Students in Klasse 9 and 10 are taught in cooperation with the British Secondary and High School Section using the UK National Curriculum in preparation for the “International General Certificate of Secondary Education” (IGSCE) of the University of Cambridge and also according to the framework curricula for German Overseas Schools.

Classes are conducted both in English and German. Students sit both the British IGCSE exams, as well as the German exams leading to intermediate centrally administered qualifications. This provides a smooth transition for German students into the senior High School within the German system (Oberstufe: equivalent to “Senior High School”), as well as to international higher grade programmes where instruction is in English.

Klasse 11 and 12 are conducted in English in cooperation with the British Secondary and High School Section and lead to the “International Baccalaureate Diploma” (IB). Students attend German language and literature classes at a native speaker level. In doing so, they acquire the bilingual IB Diploma, which is recognised in Germany as a general qualification for enrolment at an institution of higher education.

During the programmes that lead to these school-leaving exams, we ensure that our students from all countries not only develop a deeper understanding of German culture, but also of the culture of our host country Taiwan and that they are educated to be tolerant, open-minded and responsible people.

The German School Taipei usually features small classes in which students are supported intensively on an individual basis.

Another special feature of our school is that we cooperate with the “Taipei German School Education Association” (TGSEA, in German “Förderverein”). Its members are large, well-known German companies which, in the context of their Social Corporate Responsibility, offer extra support to the school in many different ways.

The “German School Taipei” (“Deutsche Schule Taipei”) is a German Overseas School within the DAS network (“Deutsche Auslandsschulen”/“German Schools Abroad”) and is subsidised by the Federal Republic of Germany. It is also a German Overseas School that is recognised by the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the German Länder (Federal States).

During the Federal and Länder Inspection (Bund-Länder-Inspektion) in September 2010, the German School Taipei was awarded the quality seal “Excellent German Overseas School” (Exzellente Deutsche Auslandsschule) from the Federal President.

If you are interested in a place at Kindergarten or at school for your child, please contact us. We will be glad to give you individual advice.

For more concise information on our school please refer to our information brochure that you can download here in pdf format.

Best regards,

Emmanuel Fritzen
Head of the German School Taipei
Taipei European School Head of German Section

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