School fees

French Section School Fees 2017-2018 

TES School Fees Policy 2016- 17 

The school fees are invoiced by semester in two equal amounts, on 27 May and 12 December. 

A reduction of 10,000 TWD per semester is offered for a second enrolled child, with 15,000 TWD offered for each additional child per semester. 

1. Compulsory fees   

1.1 First Registration Fee 

One time payment of TWD 50,000 for first registration.

1.2 Primary 

School fees per child per semester (in TWD) PS MS GS CP to CM1 CM2
French-only pathway 161,300 171,800 184,400 184,400 N/A
French-English pathway N/A 194,200 206,800 206,800 206,800
French plus pathway N/A 209,400 223,000 223,000 223,000
FAL pathway N/A 244,900 257,100 257,100 257,100
FAL+ pathway N/A 260,000 273,000 273,000 273,000



1.3 Middle School & High School    

School fees per child per semester (in TWD) Sixième to Troisième Seconde to Terminale
Tuition 224,000 266,400
FAL 275,000 317,500


2. Company contribution   

If school fees are paid by a company/employer, an annual contribution is charged to the employer at the beginning of the first semester. The contribution is 70,000 TWD per student. The contribution guarantees priority admission to the French Section.


3. Bus service   

A school bus service is available to families. The cost depends on the distance from the school.


4. Cafeteria fees   

Cafeteria meals are compulsory for children in PS, MS and GS. The cost is 150 NTD per meal. 

5. Assessment & Examination fees   

Assessment fee for children who were not previously in a French school      5,000 TWD 

Registration fees for the Brevet national du Collège (3ème)       6,000TWD 

French Baccalauréat: 17,000 TWD for exam fees for the 1ère class in June 2017 and 33,000 TWD for the Terminale class in 2018. (The French Section pays the cost of transport and accommodation in Hong Kong for the exams in June 2016). 

IGCSE and IB fees depend on options taken. 

Payment: Payment of section 1.1 is a prerequisite necessary for any registration in the French Section of the Taipei European School. 

Notes on examinations: Students taking examinations will be invoiced individually for the specific examinations for which they have registered. Outside examination fees are not reimbursable.

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