Our Management Council

Members of the French Section Management Council 2017-18 (representing FS parents):

President: Stéphanie Froissart
Treasurer: Simone Noussitou de Rham
FS representative on the School Council: David Pillot
FS representative on the Scholarship Board: Frédéric Vereecke
Member: Nada Baitieh
Member: Daniel Mastio

The following are also members of the French Section Management Council:  

  • TES French Section Head of School, Mr Jean-Yves Vesseau
  • TES French Section Primary Head, Ms Carine Capel
  • Cultural Attache at the French Office in Taipei, representing the AEFE, Mrs Anne-Laure Vincent
  • TES French Section staff representatives, Isabelle Rajnfeld and Caroline Ambrosioni
  • TES French Section Administration and Finance Manager, Mr Nicolas Blanc is invited to attend the meetings

 The Management Council fulfills four main functions: 

  • Strategic thinking about the French Section's future, in collaboration with all authorised persons and institutions (Head, TESBOG, AEFE, French Office in Taipei, etc.).
  • Representing the French Section's interests within the European School, in coordination with the Head.
  • Administrative support and financial management to provide French Section students and staff with the best possible study and working conditions (preparation of, and voting on, the budget, determination of tuition fees and so on). 
  • Representation of parents' interests within the French Section.  

TES is a non-profit foundation under Taiwanese law.  

The TES Board of Directors (TESBOD) is the management body of TES. The Chair of the TESBOD is Dr. C.V. Chen. 

The TESBOD delegates its governing and leadership powers to the TES Board of Governors (TESBOG), which is composed of eight TES parents. Each Section sends one member of its Management Council to represent it on the TESBOG. That position is occupied by the President of the French Section Management Council. The remaining four places are elected by the TES parents.

The day-to-day management of TES is the responsibility of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) led by the CEO of TES, Dr Allan Weston.

The ELT is also responsible for developing strategic plans to meet Taipei European School’s objectives.  

The Heads of the French and German Section are members of the ELT, however they are independent from the CEO – they answer to their respective national ministers and to their Management Councils.

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