Our Team

Management and Administration

The Head of School, Jean-Yves Vesseau, is responsible for school administration, organisation and academic matters. The French Section Management Council delegate the management of the school to the head. The head of school works with an administrative team of eight people:

- Primary Head, Carine Capel

- Operations Manager, Nicolas Blanc 

- Senior Secretary, Annie Lo 

- Primary Secretary, Min-Hui Chou

- Secondary Secretary, Chloé Chen

- Administrative Assistant, Olivia Chang

- Secondary Assistant Head, Franck Lefèvre 

- Primary Assistant Head, Andria Spring


Teaching Team

The head of school and primary head manages a teaching team :
-    teachers and assistants recruited solely for the French Section
-    other teachers recruited by TES for combined classes: English, Chinese, Sport, Music and Art.
To contact the teachers: name.surname@tes.tp.edu.tw 


Primary teachers
Petite section (PS): Yvelise Adam
Moyenne section (MS): Marie Gendrot, Sylvie Tran and Matthew Sands
Grande section (GS): Marina Coten and Jaya Hiranandani
CP: Sarah Corsin and Andria Spring
CE1: Valérie Catrice-Brignon and Philip Dawson
CE2 : Fabienne Jeangilles and Charles Marsh
CM1: Anthony Belin and Danny Stracey
CM2: Florian Testut and Dianne Armstrong
Music : Fiona Kao
Physical Education and Sport : Bastien Le Van Thoi and Sabrina Lepreux
FALand FLC: Isabelle Rajnfeld, Marion Hagneré and Caroline Ambrosioni
EAL: Karen Corne
Supply staff: Celine Egreteau and Gregory Garde 
Primary learning assistants:
Sara Maria Arias, Essema Bourouga, Kuo-Ying Chiang, Sabrina Lepreux, David Olory, Sandro Rupp, Nicolas Trameçon, Sylvie Tran, and Wanting Yeh. 
Secondary teachers: 
Mr Pierre Boutet (History-Geography and Philosophy)
Mr Nicolas David (Maths)
Mr Julien Desponds (Technology)
Ms Anne Dewees (Art History and German)
Mr Jeremie Hua Ngoc (History-Geography)
Ms Lise-Marie Hua Ngoc (Latin)
Ms Fiona Kao (Music)
Mr Jean-Yves Labouche (Mathematics)
Mr Franck Lefèvre (History-Geography)
Mr Bastien Le Van Thoi (Physical education)
Ms Pascale McMillans (English)
Ms Perrine Motch (Economics and History-Geography)
Mr Vincent Najosky (Physics-Chemistry)
Mr Thibaud Pénicaud (FAL)
Ms Julie Puertas (French)
Mr Emmanuel Rey (Maths)
Mr Jesús Robla (Spanish)
Ms Chloé Roy (Biology)
Ms Nora Simon (French)
Ms Edith Stawecka (English)
Mr Thomas Wilkinson (English)
School Life: Mr Julien Desponds and Mr Javier González

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