Guidance Counselling

Guidance counselling has occupied an important place in a student’s education since 2013. Since 2015, it has been referred to as the “Future Pathway” (Parcours Avenir). It has three main concentrations:

1. Allowing the student to discover the world of work.

2. Developing a sense of commitment and initiative in each student.

3. Enabling the student to work out his own career or educational plan.

In secondary, guidance counselling is the responsibility of all teachers, in particular the form tutor and the PRIO (person responsible for information and orientation), who coordinates all activities related to student achievement from 6ème to Terminale.

PRIO contact details:

Mr Lefèvre takes appointments to meet with students and/or their families to help them work out a career or educational plan. 

Tel: 886-2-8145 9007 ext 2210



With the help of the TES librarian, Claudine Rouhaud, the French Section has assembled the most important information concerning careers and further education. To access the site, please click  here and login in using your TES email account.

French Section students also have access to the career and educational guidance corner in the French Section office, where they can consult numerous resources.

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