Language Learning


In primary, the French Section offers five pathways, allowing us to provide an ideal educational experience for each of our pupils.

Our French only pathway

This pathway is closest to what pupils in France study, with added English and Chinese lessons.  A student in the French only pathway remains in the French classroom every day with the French teacher, while their classmates following the French-English pathway spend English days in the English classroom.

Our French-English pathway

The French-English pathway is the choice of 90% of our primary families; it gives children the opportunity to become fully bilingual in French and English, while also learning Chinese.  The French-English pathway runs from MS to CM2. Each year group has two qualified and experienced classroom teachers – a native French teacher and a native English teacher.  French speaking pupils who are new to English also have the support of an EAL (English as an additional language) teacher. The French-English pathway is mandatory in CM2, in preparation for our secondary school, where 40% of classes are taught in English.


Our French plus pathway

This pathway is aimed at our French-speaking pupils who would like to spend more time learning French and do not wish to study Chinese. These extra French classes are designed according to the needs of the individual pupils.

Our FAL pathway

FAL (French as an Additional Language) classes give our non-French speaking pupils a helping hand when they first join the French Section and start to learn French. Dedicated FAL teachers assist FAL students during French class and withdraw them for special French classes as necessary


Our FAL+ pathway

For FAL pupils who wish to intensify their French learning experience and do not want to study Chinese. Classes are small and focus on specific objectives.


Chinese Language and Culture classes 

Chinese classes are offered starting in Infants in Moyenne Section. Mandarin language instruction is conducted according to the TES curriculum for CLC. Instruction is adapted to pupils’ language profiles; learners have the possibility to change group level during the course of the year, depending on their progress. Pupils from the French, British and German Sections learn Chinese together in ability level groups. The three groups are Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL), Chinese Language (CL) and Chinese Language and Literature (CLL).

In primary, the number of Chinese classes depends on the year group of the pupils: 

- MS: five 30-minute sessions a week;

- GS & CP: four 40-minute sessions a week;

 - CE1, CE2, CM1 & CM2: five 40-minute sessions a week.



From 6ème to 4ème:

The French-English programme taught in our Primary school prepares French Section students for the Combined Courses taught in Secondary.  

From 6ème to 4ème, students from all Sections of TES study English, Chinese, Art, Music and Physical Education together in Combined Courses. The language of instruction for the Combined Courses is English (excluding Chinese Language & Culture classes).

French Section students from 6ème to 4ème study French Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, History, Geography & Civics and Technology in French.

FS students have the option to learn Latin starting in 6ème. From 5ème, FS students add a fourth modern language to their studies: Spanish or German.

3ème and 2nde: IGCSE

In 3ème, French students prepare for the Brevet National Diploma exams. In preparation for the exams, the number of classes taught in French increases. Students continue to study Chinese and English in Combined Courses alongside British and German Section students.

From 3ème, all TES students follow the British National Curriculum in their English Combined Courses in preparation for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exams.  All TES students sit the English IGCSE exams together in the last term of Seconde.

1ère and Terminale: Language Modules in the International Baccalaureate

Following the IGCSE exams, TES French Section and High School students prepare for the International Baccalaureate (IB) during their Combined Courses in English and Chinese. They sit the IB English and Chinese exams during the last term of Terminale (Tle).

French Section students graduate from TES with a French Baccalauréat diploma plus an IB in languages.

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