High School (Lycée)

The Baccalauréat diploma that marks the end of high school (lycée) is undergoing a reform. The first students to sit the new version of the Baccalauréat will do so in 2021. The organisation of studies at a high school level will change considerably in 2019-2020 in preparation for the reforms. 


During their year in 2nde, all students study the same “common” subjects: French, maths, history-geography, two modern languages, economic and social science, civics, physics-chemistry, biology, sport and digital and computer science.  The aim is to strengthen the students’ basic skills and competencies in all subject areas, while also increasing their scientific and humanistic knowledge. 


During their year in 2nde, the form tutor and the academic advisor will assist students in the selection of their three speciality subjects to study in 1ère. 


The following specialties are offered by the French Section in 2019-2020: maths, physics-chemistry, biology, economic and social sciences, history-geography-geopolitics and political science, foreign languages-literature and culture, humanities-philosophy and literature. Students choose three specialities for 1ère and continue 2 of them in Tle.


You will find more information about each of the specialities in French here. Students  study 3 speciality subjects in 1ère and 2 in Terminale for 12 hours a week, giving them the opportunity to learn more about the areas that interest them. All students spend 16 hours a week studying the following eight ‘common subjects’, in addition to the specialities they have chosen: French (in 1ère ), philosophy (in Tle), 2 modern languages, history-geography, sport, civics and science. 


Finally, there are also optional areas of study open to our high school students in 2019-2020. They can choose to study Latin (until 2nde), a third modern language or Cinema and Audiovisual studies. For more information about the Cinema option please see the Eduscol website


The French Ministry of Education (MEN) has set up websites in French especially for 2nde students and their parents and for high school students in general with detailed information about the Bac 2021. More information about the Bac 2021 can also be found on the Eduscol website.


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