Middle School (Cycles 3 & 4)

Middle school (collège) welcomes children after elementary school.

During 6ème, the last year of cycle 3, students reinforce and complete the fundamental learning acquired in primary school. At the same time, they discover new subjects and new methods of teaching and learning.  

Secondary students study French, English, Chinese, Mathematics, a third foreign language (Spanish or German), History and Geography, Science, Technology, Art and Music. They also have Civics & Citizenship, and Sport classes. Latin is available as an option.

Sport and Physical Education, Music, Art, English and Chinese Language and Culture are taught by native English (and Chinese for CLC) teachers as a part of the TES combined classes programme in common with the British and German Sections.

Teaching and learning in the French Section middle school is in accordance with French Ministry of Education curricula. At the end of middle school, collège students take the French National Brevet exams.

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