Elementary School (Cycle 2 & 3)

Elementary school consists of five class levels for children aged between six and 11 years old. These five class levels are split into two cycles.

  • The cycle of fundamental learning or cycle 2: cours préparatoire (CP), cours élémentaire 1 (CE1) and cours élémentaire 2 (CE2).

  • The cycle of consolidation or cycle 3: cours moyen 1 (CM1) and cours moyen 2 (CM2) (Sixième in Secondary is also part of cycle 3).

The curricula for primary school teaching emphasise language learning, in particular developing a command of the French language, as well as civics and citizenship.

Children learn foreign languages, Maths, activities that question the world around them, Art, Sport and Physical Education, then they focus more intently on Literature, History and Geography, Science and IT. At the same time, they learn to think, to reflect and to observe, they learn how to experiment and to imagine, while developing their motor and creative skills.

At the end of the school year 2015-2016, the French Section was awarded “section internationale chinois” by the French Ministry of Education, starting with its CE1 class.

The characteristics of the cycle of fundamental learning (cycle 2)

Learning at school means questioning the world; it also involves learning new languages. Cycle 2 now spans from CP to CE2, thus offering the time and coherence necessary for gradual and rigorous learning. In cycle 2, all teaching and learning questions the world around us. Learning languages, especially French, is a priority.

Click here for the curriculum in French for cycle 2

The characteristics of the cycle of consolidation (cycle 3)

Cycle 3 now connects the last two years of primary school to the first year of secondary, out of a concern for coherence and continuity in teaching and learning. This cycle has a double responsibility: consolidate fundamental learning from cycle 2, which is the basis for future learning; allow for a smoother transition from primary school to secondary by ensuring continuity and progression between the three years of the cycle.

Click here for the curriculum in French for cycle 3

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