The Taipei European School is the result of the coming together of the French, German and British schools, which have been sharing the same campus since 1992.

The French School of Taipei was an initiative of a handful of French expats and first opened its doors in September 1989 — with a student body of 16, two classroom teachers and one English teacher.

By September 1992, the numbers had increased to 74 students and the French School moved into the former American School campus at WenLin Road, alongside the British and German Schools.

In September 1997, the student body passed the 100 mark and in March 1998, almost all secondary classes relocated to the brand new Phase 1 buildings on the Yangmingshan campus. It quickly became clear that further expansion would be necessary to meet the growing student numbers, which in 1998 had reached 500 students between the three schools. The Yangmingshan campus grew with the construction of the Phase 2 buildings, which were inaugurated in 2002.

That year, the French School of Taipei officially became the French Section of Taipei European School.

Four years later, in 2006, the WenLin Road campus was entirely rebuilt, giving our youngest pupils the perfect surroundings for learning and living that they have today.

In 2007, the French Section opened its first French-English programme in the Petite and Moyenne Section classes. Having become a partner of the AEFE in 2008, the French Section began the accreditation procedure for its middle school (collège) classes. At the same time, the French-English programme reached CM1 in 2012. During that time, the Chinese Language and Culture programme at TES underwent a review.

In September 2014, the French Section celebrated 25 years of existence and the student numbers exceeded 200. ​All of the primary and middle school classes were accredited, as were the 2nde and 1ère classes in High School.

Since 2017, every class in the French Section is accredited by the French Ministry of Education from Petite Section to Terminale. 

French Section students achieve excellent results at the French Baccalauréat exams - with a 100% pass rate and an average of 88% honourable mentions. 

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