The French Section is a member of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), a network overseen by the French Ministry of Education.

The AEFE network connects close to 500 French schools outside of France, in 137 countries, all offering teaching in accordance with the French Ministry of Education curricula. These accredited institutions promote universal values — tolerance, humanism, equality, curiosity, developing critical minds — and allow students to have a seamless education, from infant school to the French Baccalauréat. They offer a particularly rich education as a result of belonging to a dynamic international network.

In the French Section, all primary and secondary classes have been accredited by the French Ministry of Education, which attests to their conformity to the curricula, pedagogical objectives and to the fundamental principles of public education in France. Expatriation can often mean changing schools, in the four corners of the world, and also returning to France. The accreditation tools are a guarantee of the continuity of teaching between AEFE institutions. 

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