Welcome from the Parent Support Council

As the Chair of the Parent Support Council (PSC), I would like to welcome you and introduce you to this important parents' organisation within Taipei European School.

The TES PSC is a unique cross-section Parents’ Association, which embraces the four TES Parents Associations: British Primary, French, German, Secondary and High School, and facilitates the social interaction between the four school sections. All the PSC and PAs members are volunteer parents, whose main objective is to support and empower all TES parents to be active in the best interests of their children’s educational lives. The PSC members serve as Ambassadors of European culture among all the TES parents.

PSC works in partnership with the TES Executive Leadership Team, and the whole school community for the benefit of the TES students. PSC proudly organises the major TES annual Fundraiser, the Christmas Bazaar, aimed at bringing European Christmas flair and atmosphere to Taipei. The event runs with the help of numerous volunteer parents representing cross-section of the TES. 90% of the profit goes back to TES studentsthrough their respective Parents Associations. The other 10% of the proceeds are donated to local charities such as Harmony Home, Garden of Mercy, and City People.

The major projects sponsored by the PSC were the construction of the New Nursery Playground at WenLin Campus and of the New Drama Room and costume storage at Yangmingshan Campus, while it cosponsored, along with the British Primary PTA, the construction of the New Infant Playground at WenLin Campus.

PSC has also invested a lot of time and effort into production of a high-quality, visually attractive TES Calendar and coordination of individual, siblings and class photos with a professional photographer. Furthermore, PSC also holds its annual social event – Gala Evening – where parents, teachers and TES friends meet and get to know each other in an informal social setting.Please remember that participation in the Parents’ Association is open to all TES parents. We are here to listen to you and serve as a liaison between the TES parents body and the school. Join us in our events and enrich our activities with your expertise and experience for the betterment of our children’s growth and development.

Finally, on behalf of the PSC, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our parent volunteers. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events.

Best Regards 


Catherine Lai
Parent Support Council 
Taipei European School

The TES PSC (Parent Support Council) is a cross-section organisation, whose key objectives are to:

  • facilitate the social interaction between the four school sections
  • organise fundraising events for the benefit of our school
  • establish effective communication channels on matters of relevance to the parents

The PSC coordinates, harmonises and integrates the four Parent Associations of our school sections: German, British, French, and High School.

The TES PSC does not replace the respective Parent Associations of each Section, as each PA/PTA is still recognised as an individual association that carries out its own Section's unique PA needs and cultural practices.


The Council is comprised of

  1. two representatives from each section;
  2. a TES PSC Chair (elected among 8 members);
Mrs Catherine Lai


Mrs Julia Chiu

French Section Representative

Mrs Pei Chun Farge

French Section Representative

Mr Christian Peluso

German Section Representative

Mrs Vivienne Chayovan

German Section Representative

Mrs Catherine Lai

British Section Representative

Mrs Sara Chao

British Section Representative

Mrs Sunny Foehr

European Secondary Campus Representative

Mrs Jill Lu

European Secondary Campus Representative

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