Part of our school philosophy is to be as inclusive as realistically possible for any expatriate child currently residing in Taipei. Please do let us know if your child has a particular medical requirement.

At the Taipei European School, we strive to follow ‘good practice’ guidelines, as well as the school's established policy on accidents and sickness. For instance, we expect that there is always first-aid provision when there are students and staff on school premises, as well as during field trips. First aid facilities and equipment are readily available at both the Primary and Secondary campuses, as well as nurses and other staff members who are trained in first aid provision. 

Naturally, our nurses are trained specifically to provide first-aid for school-related injuries and, whilst they may have the knowledge to deal with other ailments, we do not expect them to do so without prior consultation with the parents or guardian, except of course in case of emergency. Occasionally more serious injuries occur at school, such as broken bones, and in these situations a nurse will accompany the student to hospital, whilst the school will call the parents. 

The nurses also deal with a whole range of social and emotional issues and see themselves very much as caring, concerned individuals. Our nurses also take a much more holistic approach to health and wellbeing, in that they actively participate in lessons to talk about matters of hygiene, how to help prevent the spread of infection and any other health issues that may crop up during childhood.

Tropical Infections

A move to foreign climes such as Taiwan may necessitate extra inoculations. It’s a good idea to discuss your possible move to Taiwan with your doctor or consult your government's website. However, the most common hazards are primarily cuts, grazes, mosquito bites, stomach upsets and rashes.

Please feel free to discuss our care facilities with our nurses.

Swire European Primary Campus: 8145-9007 Ext. 1831 / 1832
Swire European Secondary Campus: 8145-9007 Ext. 2831 / 2832

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