The bus service of the Taipei European School is outsourced to a local bus company approved by the school. TES supervises service operations and reviews service contracts biannually. Service is provided every day that school is in session to all the major expatriate living areas throughout metropolitan Taipei. All bus drivers are qualified and each one is supported by a bus monitor on every trip.

The buses conform to all local regulations for transportation of school children. All passengers are covered by the school’s group insurance scheme and passenger liability. Please read through the Bus Charter and Bus Policy documents to answer questions you may have about the service.

Below please find the respective contact detail to our Student Services:

    Bus Charter and Policy

    We ask that all parents read through the Bus Policy document, as this clearly outlines all aspects of the bus service procedures, from routes, loading procedures, changes of address, etc.

    It is also important that parents read through the Bus Charter and explain it to their children, as this highlights safety issues and student conduct expectations. The Bus Charter also provides further details related to the main Bus Policy.

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