Some Introductory Remarks by the Section Head regarding the Guest Child Project

 “The Crystal Ball”, a fairy tale by the brothers Grimm, was presented at the numerous festivities celebrating the 25th anniversary of our school. It is a stop-motion flick shot by the children of our Kindergarten. You can watch it here.

As in the fairy tale, the guest child project offers the opportunity to wear the “Hat of Travel”, to live through experiences on this journey and to grow with them. By facing challenges, controlling our fears and overcoming prejudice, we can discover the “true shape” behind the surface.

For whichever nation or culture we belong to, at our core we are all the same people.

                                                                                  Roland Heinmüller, Head of the German Section, travelling.



TES Students from Taiwanese Families: In Germany as a Guest Child


Our Guest Child Project

What is a guest child? Guest children attend an educational institution in Germany and can thus expand and reaffirm their already acquired language skills. They have the opportunity to immerse themselves into the culture of the language they have learnt.

  • Nursery School
  • Primary School 
  • Day-Care Center
  • Secondary Schools


Key Facts

  • Period of the stay in Germany: TES summer break (Mid-June to end of July)

  • We recommend a minimum stay of 4 weeks for the students to be able to make full use of the language stay. Generally, a week is needed for basic adjustment (jet lag, culture shock, orientation in a new peer group etc.) until the students are physically, emotionally and mentally ready to engage with their new environment

  • Stay in federal states with a late summer break (mid/end of July) to allow for a 4-6 week stay.


Students and Parents of TES gain from this Programme:

  • Acquisition of higher-level German language skills
  • More confidence and differentiation in spoken communication

  • Reduced anxiety, prejudices and concerns

  • Insight into German culture and way of life

  • Getting to know the German system of education and consequently consideration of Germany as a place for tertiary education

  • A successful stay and the resulting feedback help create sustained interest in the project among Taiwanese families. 

Reports from our guest child project can be found in some of our Monthly Newsletters.

Here you can find the collected reports. 


Information Event about the Guest Child Project

Dear interested parents and students,

Our information event always takes place in autumn of the preceding year. If you have not been able to attend and have an interest in a place in a German school for your child during the TES summer break, you will find the key facts below:


More Cooperation Partners Wanted!

If you run a school, a kindergarten or a company in Germany and would like to cooperate with us, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Please get in contact with us by email to:

For future cooperation partners in kindergartens, schools and companies: 



Experiences with our Guest Children


Germering Primary School in Kleinfeld Street has been taking guest children from Taiwan for several years. The Taiwanese children and their parents are bringing a lot of culture from their country into our classes and do a lot to enrich them.   

                                                                                                              Ute Woller, head of Germering Primary School in Kleinfeld Street


                                                                                       *   *   *

We accepted a guest child from Taiwan for the first time last year. The visit was flawlessly organized, communication with the girl and with the parents worked perfectly, so that we decided to take several guest children in the coming year. It was nice to get to know not only the girl and her parents, but also Mr Schumacher as the organizer.                                              

                                                                                              Theresia Schäfer. Head of the Maria Ward Primary School in Nuremberg


                                                                                         *   *   *

Audrey from Taiwan was a guest in our institution for two consecutive years. My colleagues and I were amazed at her very good German language skills and were excited to observe how quickly she adapted to the new environment. For our children and the team Audrey’s visits were an enrichment.

                                                                                                                                Jürgen Dürr, Head of KiKu-Kinderland Nuremberg


                                                                                          *   *   *

We have been taking guest children from Taiwan for three years. It is always amazing to see, how quickly children learn from each other, but also how this project has broadened the perspective of all the educators involved. Right on!

                                                                                      Alexander Schulze; paedagogical leadership of day-care unit Allnest in Germering


                                                                                           *   *   * 

Our guest student Matthew was very helpful and cool. He was very fast in Math, very good in English and he could even speak great German. It was great fun to learn and play football with him. He has found many friends here.

                                                                                                                                  Students of class 3/4c, Primary School Ramspau



                                                                                            *   *   *

Tara has been visiting us for three years for one month in our lunchtime care group at the Gertrud-Bäumer-Grundschule in Munich. She enriches our everyday life with interesting stories from Taipei and we keep in friendly contact with her and her family via mails and letters until our next visit. A great thing for the whole group!

In our rooms hang many photos of Tara, which remind us of our wonderful time together here in Munich. Thank God she regularly sends us current pictures and news from Taiwan so that the time until our next visit doesn't seem sooooo long.

It was wonderful to have Tara in our afternoon group for a summer month during the last three years. Very special friendships have developed. One of our caregivers will even visit Tara and her family in Taiwan this year.

                                                                                        Veronika Immler, supervisor of the lunchtime supervision MB5 at Getrud-Bäumer-GS


                                                                                              *   *   *

At the initial conference, all the teachers are always eager to "get" guest children from Taiwan this summer, because these children are really an enrichment for all of us. They even go to the school country home.

There has never been any problem - everything is well organized and the school has no work at all - we hope to welcome at least 5 to 6 children as guests this summer - and more if you like!

                                                                                                                                        Ulrike Bauer, Headmaster Plinganserschule, Munich

Further experiences of students and teachers of the Plinganserschule can be found here.


                                                                                               *   *   *

Since 3 years we have been accepting guest children in our kindergarten in Germering, near Munich. It is especially nice to see that the families also meet with our families outside the institution. Our children as well as our parents are looking forward to the "special time" with the guest children every year.

                                                                                               Simone Bauer, Managing Director Allnest e.V., Kindergarten in Germering


                                                                                                *   *   *

Last year we had a Taiwanese guest child for the first time at the Maria Ward Primary School in Nuremberg. It was a great experience for the class and we are very happy that Paula is coming back to us this year.

                                                                                                                  Stefanie Tluczynski, teacher at the Maria Ward Primary School



What our Taiwanese Parents and Students say about the Guest Child Project:


                                                                                            *   *   *

It was quite an experience going to school in the lovely town of Ramspau. The kids love walking to school and jumping into rivers to cool down everyday after school with their newly-made friends.  

                                                                                                                         Danielle W., mother of Matthew and Nathan W., 4th grade

                                                                                             *   *   *

I loved the days in the Plinganserschool in Munich. There were good equipments, environment and wonderful friends. 

                                                                                                  Elton L., 3th grade, student of German School/ Taipei European School


                                                                                              *   *   *

 There were so many beautiful parks, buildings and tasty foods in Munich. Kids not only had funs in school, but also enjoyed the local parks, Theme Parks and the moments to the lakes.

                                                                       Stanley L., father of Elton L., who is in 3th grade, German School/ Taipei European School


                                                                                              *   *   *

 I really liked the Plinganserschool in Munich. The teachers and classmates were very friendly. My mother and I had great time in German.

                                                                                                   Jolie H., 5th grade, student of German School/ Taipei European School


                                                                                               *   *   *

The Kleinfeldschool in Munich was really amazing !!! My classmates welcomed me with open hands and were super friendly! I made lots of friends in no time! I was really sad when I was about to leave.  I really wish I can go there again soon ...

                                                                                               Che-Kai L., 5th grade, student of German School/ Taipei European School


                                                                                                *   *   *

 This was a great experience for our children and they had a great time in Germany. We are all looking forward to next summer and to our next "Gastkind" experience. 

                                                                                        Lynn H., Mother of Heidi and Max (Heidi in 1st grade, Max in Kindergarten of TES)


                                                                                                *   *   *

I made a lot friends during the 4 weeks in Plinganserschool.  They treated me so nice and helped me a lot.  I really miss my german friends and hope to see them again.

                                                                                               Bessie H., 2nd grade, student of German School/ Taipei European School


                                                                                                 *   *   *

It was really wonderful to experience the living and school life with children in Munich. We also visited the palace, museum, zoo and park. We have learned and admired more about Germany during this trip.   

                                                                                                Charlene Ch., mother of Bessie H., who is in 2nd grade,  German School/ TES


                                                                                                  *   *   *

 Paula had great time in Maria Ward Primary school in Nuremberg last summer.  She looks at the school year book all the time and can't wait to visit her friends again this summer!

                                                                           Bella Chen, mother of Paula S. from grade 2 in German Section / Taipei European School.


                                                                                                  *   *   *

We were impressed by the variety of Plinganserschool with more than 28 nationalities and grateful for this experience of immersing kids in local school life, events, and enjoying authentic food.

                                                                                                                                Pochun Lin, mother of Tara in grade 4 and Lora in grade 3

                                                                                                   *   *   *

It was a wonderful experience to see how the local school like in Germany and meeting all the new friends.  

                                                                                                                          Anya L., grade 4, German School /Taipei European School



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