Co-Curricular Activity (CCA)

Primary CCAs

Our aim of CCA programme is to offer learners the opportunity to participate in programs that support learning and help them flourish. To reflect the approach, our EPC ECA (Extra-Curricular Activity) program has been renamed to CCA (Co-Curricular Activity) this year (Y2020-2021).

Every year, the Student Services' CCA department works with faculty and specialist teachers /coaches /instructors to provide a wide array of after school activities. These CCAs are offered to children across all three sections: British Section, French Section, and German Section.

These programmes are designed to provide opportunities for the children to try out new activities or develop existing skills and learning in their fields of interest. The various CCAs cover such areas as: sports, dance, music, arts and crafts, general interest hobbies, STEAM, languages and local culture.

For the full list of activities for the coming academic year, please check out this link: Annual EPC CCA Schedule Brochure 2020-21.

Many of these activities are very popular and consequently over-subscribed. We will try to ensure that each participant has a chance to take part in the activities they are interested in. We use an enrolment system that allocates priorities based around each student’s preferences.

For all the information on how to enrol your child online and all the workings of the ECA programme, please have a look at the link: CCA Charter 2020-21.

Demonstration Video - For parents who need a quick reminder of the CCA enrolment procedures, please click the link 
Choose Your CCAs Online” to watch the video and walk through enrolment steps. (Special Note: As we have changed the program, we will not be offering pre-registration as in past practice. Registration will be available for all at the same time in August, including progressive skilled CCAs.)

If you have any questions not covered by the Annual Schedule Brochure or the CCA Charter, please contact the CCA department. 
Miss Joyce Chen, Student Services EPC CCA Supervisor, ext. 1820

Secondary CCAs


At the Secondary campus, faculty organise a vast variety of after-school CCAs, with each teacher contributing their time and effort to provide these for the benefit of the students. At the start of the new academic year, the schedule of CCAs is presented to the students for them to choose which activities they wish to attend, based on their interests and availability. The online system is used for students to sign up. This is on a 'first come, first served' basis.

These programmes are designed to provide opportunities for the students to try out new activities or develop existing skills and learning in their fields of interest. The various CCAs cover such areas as: arts and crafts, dance, music, sport, general interest hobbies, academic skills and local culture. 

At the secondary level, participation in sports includes the opportunity to compete against other schools in each age level. The annual calendar is split into four seasons, with a different sport offered in each season; volleyball, softball, football, basketball. The Music Department offers individual peripatetic lessons, as well as the opportunity to join various music groups, from orchestra to choir and other ensemble groups; all of which support the school with a variety of performances both within and outside of school.

There are many other CCAs on offer that are for fun or general interest, such as Model United Nations, Roots and Shoots Gardening Club, Chess, Chinese Drumming, Survival Cooking, Classics Club, TABITHA, Drama, Book Club, Golf, and Table Tennis, to name but a few.

Though the CCAs are chosen by the students themselves, it is understood that by signing up, students are making a commitment to attend and participate fully and actively. CCAs can only be successful when students make the proper commitment of time and effort in the same way the teachers offer theirs.

If you have any questions please contact the Head of Student Leadership, Graeme McNaught,

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