The University and Careers Counsellors (UCC) guide students throughout their four years of high school on making informed decisions regarding their course selections, standardized testing, career options, and university applications.  A UCC curriculum is in place starting in H1 (Year 10) with some lessons during CORE (social and emotional wellbeing classes) and finishing off in H4 (Year 13) with biweekly lessons and regular individual meetings. Students officially start to meet with their assigned UCC in January of their H3 year. A parent meeting is required in April to May to establish a university application plan for each student.


In addition to one-on-one meetings and UCC lessons, the university counsellors also host parent presentations throughout the academic year catered to parents of H1 to H4 students, and Parent Coffee Meetings for all secondary school parents. H3 year is the most crucial time for students as that is the time when students need to do research on different universities and systems, develop a reasonable university list, and take all necessary exams for university admission. H4 year is when students complete their applications and finish the process at the end by finishing strong in their courses and earning the IB grades needed for admission.


At TES, all students are set up with a MaiaLearning account as they enter the High School Section. MaiaLearning is a comprehensive, data-driven online resource that can be used to research and explore course options, research universities, write college essays, and manage university applications. Students can search for universities and areas of study and start to create a list of institutions they would like to explore in more depth.

Meet our UCC Team

Ms. Nancy Chien, Head of University and Career Counselling


Mr. Dwayne Zamora,  University and Career Counsellor


Mr. Graeme McNaught,  University and Career Counsellor


Due to the Covid-19 situation, majority of university visits have been canceled and self-quarantine is required upon arrival in Taiwan. With in-person visits being hard to plan, we still hope to be able to connect with university representatives. Therefore we are opening a counselor video-chat option where representatives can book a time with the University and Career Counseling team. 

Here is the Calendly to book a counselor chat. We have four time slots to hopefully accommodate reps from different regions of the world. 

If you are interested in doing a virtual visit for students, you can fill out our rep visit Google form. Then we will determine whether or not a virtual visit for students is feasible.

For in-person visits, visitors must fill out the Visitors Health and Declaration Form.  

Scheduling your visit

TES will host visits from representatives from accredited college or university worldwide. We will not host agents or consultants. The best days and times to visit are 1) Tuesday and Thursday during part of the students' lunch period: 1:00 -1:45 pm or 2) Friday during first break: 9:20 - 9:40 am. Please fill out this form if you intend to visit TES. 

Please look at our calendar below and then complete the Google form to schedule your visit. We also have the 2020-2021 academic calendar for your reference. We ask that you schedule at least one week in advance of your planned visit.

Important Note: We are happy to have multiple university visits at the same time on the same day. Please feel free to request a date even if you see that other representatives are scheduled to come during your preferred date and time.

Travelling to TES

Take the MRT to Zhishan Station on Northern Bound (Tamsui / Beitou) red line, and then take a 15-20 minute taxi ride to the secondary campus up on Yangmingshan Mountain.


This is very important: Please make sure to let the driver know that the campus is the one up on Yangmingshan Mountain. We have two campuses and many drivers are more familiar with the primary school campus near the Zhishan MRT station than the one up the mountain.

Here is a taxi card in both English and Chinese for you to print out.

Taxi Card in PDF

Visits to other international high schools in Taiwan

Here is a map of other international high schools and their contact information. This is not an exhaustive list of schools that welcome higher education representatives. There are many local and bilingual schools in Taiwan that are open to university visits. 

International High School Map 2019

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