The TES High School Diploma

For those students whose needs are not met by the IB Diploma, there is an opportunity to graduate from TES with the High School Diploma. The High School Diploma will be awarded in conjunction with either the full IB Diploma, or in conjunction with an IB ‘Courses’ programme, depending on the individual academic pathway of each student.

The newly designed TES High School Diploma has taken into account the accepted global standards of High School Diplomas offered by High Schools around the world, and is comparable to, although not identical to, similar High School Diplomas offered in other international schools.

Whilst British Secondary and High Schools do not generally offer High School Diplomas in the UK, we recognize that a significant number of TES are international students with many seeking university places in the United States. As the requirements of the TES High School Diploma will be rigorously applied, it is possible that this award could allow some students to access some universities and colleges. Our University and Careers Department are happy to provide further advice on this as required. If a student is awarded the TES High School Diploma it demonstrates that they have passed a good level of high school education to a good standard.

Subject Requirements

Course length(in years)during High School education, ie from H1 to H4

English 4
Mathematics 4
Humanities 4*
Science 4*
Second Language 4*

**(could be reduced to 2 or 3 years if special Courses provision is made upon family request and with HS approval)

Please note the following important points

For students new to TES:
Consideration of their previous academic history will be taken into account and decisions made on a case by case basis. This applies to students joining the BSHS from the French Section.

For students who complete the BSHS & GS Integrated programme at H1&H2 and then join the IB Programme: 
IGCSE - 5 A*- C is generally a benchmark requirement and/or a pass in the Mittlerer Bildungsabschluss mit Berechtigung zum Übergang in die Qualifikationsphase der gymnasialen Oberstufe or, a pass in the Realschulabschluss.

For students who follow the French baccalaureate programme (H3 and H4 equivalent):
Students who meet the stated requirements will receive a TES High School Diploma. Please make important note that this certificate does not equal to meeting the French Baccalauréat requirement. Students must take the French national exams (the Brevet and French Baccalauréat) to be able to satisfy the national requirement from the French Ministry of Education.

Other Points:

  • A minimum of 5 IB Courses must be studied for the two year IB programme in order to qualify for the TES Diploma. No more than one Grade 2 can be awarded in any Courses programme.
  • Creativity, Activity and Service in H3 & H4  - are an essential requirement of the TES High School Diploma.
  • A minimum attendance rate of 90% is required. Special circumstances eg. bereavement, documented illness etc will be taken into consideration.
  • Alternative provision for those students to fail to achieve these benchmarks will be a ‘Certificate of Completion’ to indicate that the student fulfilled some aspects of the above criteria but may not have been able to fulfill all of the TES HS Diploma requirements. A certificate of completion acknowledges that the student completed a programme of study at TES to the best of their ability.

NB: Any award of the TES High School Diploma is made at the discretion of the Head of the BSHS and the BSHS Council.

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