Air Quality Control Monitoring and School Procedures

TES monitors the air quality every morning and has a policy to protect our children from the potential harms of poor air. 

Each morning, the nursing unit of EPC and ESC check the Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan Website’s Taiwan Air Quality Monitoring Network, to evaluate the air quality for the coming day.

Depends on the published level of AQI (Air Quality Index), the school will react with the following procedures:

GREEN Good air quality no action required
YELLOW Moderate air quality no action required
ORANGE Unhealthy for sensitive groups poor air quality alert is sent to teaching staff, and sensitive children with asthma or other respiratory issues may sit out of physical activities taking place outdoors
RED Unhealthy outside break cancelled; outside PE relocated inside and outside ECAs relocated inside or postponed/cancelled
PURPLE Very unhealthy all outdoor activities cancelled
MAUVE Hazardous all outdoor activities cancelled

For more updated information about the air quality index, please visit the authority’s website.

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