Taipei European School French Section Open Day

Time & Date:  10:00am - 2:00 pm Saturday 18th March 2017

Venue:  Taipei European School Primary Campus

             No.727 WenLin Road, ShiLin District, Taipei (near MRT ZhiShan Station)


The French Section is the school of choice for 340 pupils at the heart of Taipei European School. Our small class sizes from Petite Section (age 3) to Terminale (age 18) and our qualified and experienced teaching mean that French Section students are well accompanied and cared for as they rise to the challenges of our ambitious, rigorous and multilingual programme. 

The French Section’s innovative, rigorous and multilingual curriculum* will help your child develop strong analytical skills and acquire a wealth of culture and knowledge that will prepare him or her for university and professional life anywhere in the world. 

All families interested in enrolling their children in the French Section for August 2017 are welcome to attend our Open Day. You will have the opportunity to take a personalised campus tour and to speak with our teachers and Head of School.

*Teaching in primary school is in French, English and Mandarin. In secondary, our students can also chose from Spanish, German and Latin. There are no language requirements to join our Petite Section or Moyenne Section class, for Grande Section and for CP a good level of English or French is required. From CE1 up, all newly enrolled students are expected to speak French. 

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