Our Parents

The British Secondary and High School would not be so successful without the help and support of our parent body, who can get involved in the children’s school life in numerous ways. The most obvious way that they support the school is by working together with staff and school leaders to ensure that their children get the most out of school, both academically and socially. You only need to look at the dynamic learning conversations that take place between student, parent and teacher at Parent-Teacher meetings to see the great level of engagement parents have with the school.

In addition to supporting their children academically, parents at the school are also active in the European Secondary Campus Parent Association (ESCPA) and the Parent Support Council (PSC). Both associations work across sections to foster community spirit, organise social events, engage in fundraising and provide support to parents and students at the school.

Many parents at our school volunteer their time and offer to help out in numerous ways. It is always a pleasure to welcome parents to our campus and we are grateful for their ongoing support.



Dear Parents of the TES Secondary Campus,

Greetings from the ESCPA - European Secondary Campus Parents’ Association!

All parents of the students who are enrolled on this campus, including British Section, French Section, German Section, and High school, are welcome to join us. The ESCPA strives to support the school on various events, raise funds to support many students projects, identify issues within student school lives for improvements, and provide a communication platform for parents to discuss concerns and problems that the student body may encounter.  Some of the projects and events that were organized, sponsored, or supported by the ESCPA during the past years included a complete cafeteria refurbishment at Phase II, International Food Fair, Carnival Crepe Day, Christmas Concert, Sports Day, and participation in the Dragon Boat Race.

The ESCPA is also an active member of the PSC – Parent Support Council, who organizes several annual school events and works across different sections and campuses.

As a group of parents from many different countries, cultures, and backgrounds, the ESCPA is very international. Being a part of us is certainly a great way to make new friends from all over the world. Please feel free to contact us at escpacommittee@gmail.com, or join us at our monthly meetings at ESC – Phase II Building, on the third Friday of every school month – specific meeting dates are posted in the school calendar.

Hope to See you Soon!




Sunny Foehr-Huang


Karen Benat

Vice Chair

Susan Lee


Betty Lieu


Michael Fontaine & Mia Lange

Activities Coordinators

Lilian Koe-Wong

Cafeteria Committee Head

Stella Kuo & Marzia Bonvicino

Cafeteria Committee Members

Susan Lee & Stella Kuo & Iben Galsgaard

Second-Hand Uniforms Coordinators

Ju-Nee Yeo & Chin Loh & Lydia Tsai

Vegetarian Lunch Coordinators

Our Partners