The TES Community

Taipei European School is a non-profit foundation supervised by the Department of Education within the Taipei City Government. As with many educational organisations, TES makes a distinction between governance (involving matters of policy, strategic- and long-term planning) and management (the day-to-day implementation and supervision of the operations of the school).

TES Board of Directors (TESBOD)

The executive body of the TES Foundation is the TES Board of Directors (TESBOD), consisting of nine members. The main function of TESBOD is to supervise the actions of the school as the legally responsible body and, as such, is required to approve strategic plans, significant developments and annual budgets.

Chair of TESBOD

Dr C. V. Chen has chaired TESBOD since 1994, when he helped to set up the TES Foundation. Dr Chen has an S.J.D. from the Law School of Harvard University and is Managing Partner of Lee and Li Attorneys-at-Law. Dr Chen is a highly respected scholar, lawyer and cross-strait expert within Taiwanese society. TES has been fortunate to have had continued guidance and support from Dr. Chen and is grateful for his ongoing and sustained commitment to the success of the school. 

Members of TESBOD

Other TESBOD members include: Mr Mark Lintott, Dr Michael Topham, Mr Derrick Chan, Mr David Tung, Mrs Shaw Lan Chu-Wang, Dr Yuan-Tsun Liu, Mr Blacker Sia and Mr Nelson An-Ping Chang.

TES Board of Governors (TESBOG)

TESBOD devolves much of the practical governance and leadership of the school to the TES Board of Governors (TESBOG), comprising eight members elected from the parent body across all four school sections. TESBOG deals with issues that concern TES as a whole, focusing on the mission and vision of TES, matters of policy, quality assurance, financial- and strategic planning. TESBOG undertakes the appointment, support and direct supervision of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). All Board members are elected to their position, either directly by the Taipei European School Association (TESA) or through each of the four Section Councils.

Chair of TESBOG

Mr Mark Lintott is the current Chair of the TES Board of Governors. Mr Lintott is originally from the UK, but has lived in Taipei since 1991. Mr Lintott has taken an active role in moving the school forward and enhancing the facilities at both the Primary and Secondary campuses since being elected as Chair of TESBOG in 2012. Mr Lintott and the members of the Board of Governors have initiated and completed several projects focused on improvements to the facilities the school provides to students in their continued education.

Members of TESBOG

Other TESBOG members include: Dr Michael Topham (Chair of TES British Secondary and High School Section Council), Mr Klaus Neubeck (Chair of TES German Section Council), Mrs Jill Lu (Chair of TES British Primary Section Council), Mr Henri-Jean Fontaine (TES French Section Council), Mr Joe Chen, Ms Wendy Lin and Mr John Good.

Section Councils

The British, French, German and High School Sections of TES each have their own elected Council, consisting of six to ten parents. These Councils are responsible for overseeing section-specific matters and each send one representative to sit on TESBOG.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) leads the TES organisation in terms of teaching and learning, as well as administration, finance, development and support services, fostering harmonisation and facilitating cooperation within and between the school sections and administration. The CEO promotes the European element of TES at all times through its mission, vision and core values. 

Members of the Executive Leadership Team include:

Dr Allan Weston

Chief Executive Officer

Mr David Reynoldson


Mr Kerry Nockolds

Director of Educational Services

Mrs Silvia Lu

Director of Facilities

Mrs Joyce Tsao

Director of Finance

Mrs Penny Liao

Director of Human Resources

Mrs Patricia Tzeng

Director of Public Relations

Mr Emmanuel Fritzen

Head of the German Section

Mr Jean-Yves Vesseau

Head of the French Section

Mr Peter Sloan

Head of the British Primary Section

Mrs Chrysta Garnett

Head of British Secondary and High School Section

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