Parents Council

Parents from the German Section of the Taipei European School elect the Parents Council through the representatives of all classes. The Parents Council consists of two representatives from each Klasse or Kindergarten group. The Parents Council represents the interests of the parents vis-à-vis the school management and the school’s Section Council. 


The manifold tasks of the Parents Council are defined in the Regulations for the Parents Council. 


This especially includes supporting the work of the school. The Parents Council collects feedback from all classes on all aspects of school life and presents requests, suggestions and ideas to the school administration or the Section Council. 


The Parents Council thus substantially supports communication within the German School Taipei and functions as a connecting and controlling link between students and teaching staff. The Parents Council also assumes the task of organising or supporting a large variety of cultural events during the school year. These include, amongst others: School Enrolment Ceremony, St. Martin’s Procession, Christmas Bazaar, Christmas Party, Carnival, Easter and Sommerfest. Experience shows that the majority of parents play an active role in supporting the work of the Parents Council. 


This is what makes the family community of the German Section within the Taipei European School so special. The proceeds from these events (especially from the Christmas Bazaar) directly benefit our students. Funds from the Parents Council’s treasury are used to buy extra German books for the three school libraries. Depending on the resources that are available, the Parents Council’s treasury finances procurement of sport equipment or facilities for the playgrounds, notebooks with German keyboards or data projectors for presentations if the school budget has already been spent. Class excursions or residential trips and other activities that are not earmarked in the school budget are also subsidised. 


The Parents Council holds monthly meetings. The Chairperson of the Parents Council presides over the meetings. One representative each from the school administration and from the Section Council also attend the meetings.


In order to ensure that the quorum for decision-making is met, a deputy shall be appointed in case both representatives of a Klasse are absent. 


The Chairperson or deputy attends the meetings of the Section Council and the Teachers’ Conference. This assures comprehensive exchange and cooperation between the various school bodies.


The Parents Council also sends two representatives to the European Parents Council (Parents Support Council, PSC), just like the other sections of Taipei European School. One of them is the Chairperson of the Parents Council, as required by the PSC constitution. 


Independent from the German Parents Council, the PSC deals with matters relevant to the parents of Taipei European School from all Sections. The Deputies, the Treasurer and the Minute-taker support the Chairperson of the German Parents Council in her/his tasks. We are available for suggestions, questions and ideas under the following email address: 


The parents' representatives in academic year 2020-2021 are:




Mr. Morten Shih


Ms. Christine Hsu


Ms. Antonia Hoffmann

Deputy chairman

Mr. Joachim Pöltl


Ms. Larisa Tseng and Mr. Christian Peluso

PSC (Parents Support Council)

Ms. Vanessa Hildebrand and Ms. Sandra Shen Tu

Steering Commitee

Ms. Shangning Postel-Heutz


For the children who are in the senior secondary level, they are also supported by the European Secondary Campus Parent Association (ESCPA).

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