Student Council

The Student Council acts on behalf of the student body as a whole. They voice the opinions of students, organise social events and strive to make school a comfortable, positive experience. The council also strives to build strong partnerships with the local community and raise awareness of local and global concerns. Fund-raising events both in and out of school facilitate this work and members of the Student Council also assist in whole school events.

International schools are both vibrant and challenging, with changing student populations. Therefore welcoming new students and helping them adjust to a new school and new country in many cases is also an important task. The Student Council Executive Team meets once a week to discuss major issues and projects that the Council is involved with. These students are responsible for the organisation and major decisions of the Student Council. The Student Council serves the students from all three sections of the Taipei European School Secondary Campus by:

  • improving the school environment
  • providing services and assistance
  • animating school life with activities and events
  • responding to students’ needs and requests
  • informing students of events and activities organised by the Student Council and other departments and associations.

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