Who We Are

Students in the High School section of TES are supported by two full time University & Careers Counsellors. Our Counsellors begin to work with students when they enter the High School. They provide advice on subject options, careers and the world of work, skills and interest analyses, work experience and workshops. Once students enter the IB Diploma Programme, the focus turns to higher education. Our Counsellors pride themselves on knowing each and every student personally. This knowledge assists them in helping students make an informed choice about their future. As university admissions become more competitive, our Counsellors also ensure that applications procedures are followed, deadlines are met and relevant admissions tests are taken.

At TES, all students are set up with a Bridge U account as they enter the High School Section. Bridge U is a comprehensive, data-driven online resource that can be used to research and explore course options, research universities, write college essays and manage university applications. Students can search for universities and areas of study and start to create a list of institutions they would like to explore in more depth.

We also publish a University Handbook which gives students and their families all the information they need on making a university list and applying to universities worldwide. The Handbook is available from the University Counsellors.



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