Pastoral Care

At TES, we take the wellbeing of our students very seriously. We recognise that, in order to achieve academically, students must feel supported socially and emotionally. The Pastoral Leadership Team (PLT) is responsible for the care of all students in the school. This team consists of the Assistant Head for Student Welfare and Transition, The Year Dean for each individual Year Group and the Form Tutors. The Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education programme (PSHCE) is also run by the PLT to ensure the students are being educated about life, the challenges of growing up and issues relating to living in another culture, amongst other things. 

In addition to the PLT, students are also supported by the School Counsellor and the University & Careers Counsellors, who are specifically trained to recognise and understand the problems students may be facing. Students at the school are aware of whom they can turn to for help and advice when facing challenges in their daily lives.

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