Pastoral Care

At the British Primary Section our pupils will be given opportunities to: 

  • develop independence, confidence and self-worth. As a school we aim for every child to appreciate their uniqueness and value as an individual and the important role they each play within the life of the school and the wider world;
  • value and respect belongings/living things/the environment;
  • feel supported through difficult situations, both in school and in their personal lives — all members of staff will try to equip children with the skills needed to deal with life’s challenges;
  • enjoy positive relationships with peers, having respect for children who may be different to themselves and showing willingness to work and collaborate with all children regardless of race, ability, gender or social background;
  • develop their understanding of a healthy, safe lifestyle and use this knowledge to make informed decisions and choices in the present and in the future;
  • become a responsible citizen who knows they can make a difference to others around them and further afield through fundraising and work within the local community;
  • understand and appreciate the school’s values of Respect, Participation, Responsibility, Creativity and Perseverance.

We take the wellbeing of our students very seriously and recognise that, in order to achieve academically, students must feel supported socially and emotionally. We also are committed to the development of the whole child and wish to work in partnership with parents to help our children grow as emotionally intelligent young people who will fulfill their potential.



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