Our Teachers

Our teachers are our greatest resource. We are fortunate in the British Primary Section to have a well resourced, attractive learning environment, however, the most important elements in a child’s learning in school are the staff who provide care, support, challenge and opportunity.

TES recruits high calibre, well qualified teaching staff from many different countries. Many have taught internationally or come from high-performing schools in the UK, New Zealand, Canada and elsewhere.

All are dedicated to helping students to achieve their highest potential academically and to developing students’ independence, wellbeing and social conscience, as embodied in our School Values.

Teachers are supported in this commitment by a number of support staff, including Learning Assistants and Administrative staff.

We actively support staff to continue their professional and personal development by encouraging further education, promoting from within TES where feasible, allowing staff time for personal and peer reflection and providing high quality professional development opportunities.

Our Partners