TES Dancers Represent Taipei and Bring Home Gold and Silver

On the 27th of March, our TES Dancers competed at the National Student Dance Competition final in Chaiyi. Our two teams represented Taipei in the competition and both achieved excellent results. This year, our dancers amazed the audience with their performance of ‘A Wolf Pack’ and ‘Reborn’. The Primary school team came in first place out of 21 teams, with a score of 91.02 and the Secondary school team came in second place out of 20, with a score of 88.52. Achieving a score over 90 is extremely hard in this dance competition and we are immensely proud of our two teams.

The dance ‘A Wolf Pack’ was especially challenging, as our happy, playful Primary children had to demonstrate the emotions of a pack of wild wolves – not easy for such a young group. In ‘Reborn’, the Secondary girls tried to show the process people go through when experiencing tragedy and making the difficult journey to recovery. The Bali Waterpark tragedy provided the inspiration for the piece and we endeavoured to present a message of hope.

Both groups ably demonstrated our school value of ‘Perseverance’. Whilst their peers were out socialising, the dancers were putting in many hard hours of practice from September onwards, including weekends and holidays. We are very proud of our girls and both teams deserve to celebrate their hard work.

The cross-section Primary school dancers were: Andrea Guo, Justine Marion, Riona Chen, Luline Viaud, Megan Su, India Graham, Carol Hung, Chelsea Dennis, Ashley Tioh, Bella Chien, Nicole Yoo.

The cross-section Secondary school dancers were: Fiona Chen, Sofia Pellandini, Ellie Chang, Holly Samaniego, Natalie Sng, Eillen Wu, Katharina Whittome.

Both dances will be showcased at the TES Dance Recital on the 18th and 19th of May. 

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