Students Showcase Knowledge in the Scholar’s Cup Competition

We are elated to share with you the outstanding achievement of 12 very special children who participated in this year’s regional round of the World Scholar’s Cup in Kaohsiung on the 16th and 17th of March. The World Scholar’s Cup represents a celebration of learning, centred around a yearly theme. This year’s theme was ‘An Entangled World’.

For eight weeks prior to the Kaohsiung Round, children engaged with six subject areas, all related to this theme. These subject areas included: Human Relationships; The History of Diplomacy; Art & Music (Braving the Distance); The Science of Memory; Black Markets and Literature (Voices of the Inseparable).

Drawing on this subject knowledge, children participated in four events: Debate; Collaborative Writing; Scholar’s Bowl (a team event) and The Scholar’s Challenge (an individual event). We can proudly announce that our participating teams brought back no less than 19 medals for their achievements. Considering that they were the youngest participating team, often going-up against children as old as 14, this is an outstanding achievement. Furthermore, all our participating teams have been invited to take part in the Global Round in June. 

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