BSHS STEM Week – A Journey to Mars

BSHS STEM Week 12-16th March

We are thrilled to announce that with the generous support of one of our parents Mr Stephen Chen, ​the BSHS will kick off STEM week with a live streamed talk with Dr Leroy Chiao, a former NASA astronaut! The fantastic line up of guest speakers continues all week with Amber Gell, a Rocket Scientist, Michael Starobin and Roland Nedelkovich, two NASA engineers. We end the week with ​TES parent ​Mr Giuseppe Izzo​,​ and Ms Angela Hsiao who share their experiences about Space, Mars and the Galileo Satellite.

Our students will get the opportunity to take part in a week filled with creative and innovative project based learning to include:

Year 7s creating a stop motion film about a journey to Mars and problem solving as part of “Red Rock Maze”

Year 8 students will complet​e​ a challenge where they will need to build a Mars Rover and successfully drop a satellite as well as working towards a space ​c​countdown and ​l​ift ​o​ff​.​

Year 9 students will build a zip line designed to accurately drop off ‘space equipment’ onto a target, designing and launching NASA stomp rockets, creating a Mars calendar and Rocket trajectory activity

High school students will be designing and building rockets out of bottles. They will then create hydrogen and oxygen gas to fill the rockets and then ignite this explosive mixture to launch them through the atmosphere! They will also compete in a Space Race challenge to test their problem solving skills.

We are very excited​ about ​these opportunit​ies​ to inspire and motivate our students, we know they will enjoy the week and look forward to sharing this experience with them.

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