Building Homes through the Reverse Christmas Tree

Reverse Christmas Tree. The Tribe Assembly was as exciting as always and the final count of merits for this term saw Bunan emerge as First Term winners. Well done to all our super students in each of the tribes.

A part of this Tribe Assembly focussed on our Reverse Christmas Tree. This special event encourages our students to think about the act of giving rather than receiving at this time of year. For 2017 we are donating all money collected to the Tabitha Project in Cambodia.

This project has involved students and staff from BSHS for some years and money raised will allow us to buy the materials for two houses that will be given to Cambodian families in need. H2 students from the High School will travel to Cambodia to build the houses on our behalf.

Many thanks to all of you who have supported the Reverse Christmas Tree this year. Your gifts have gone towards providing homes for needy families.

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