Easter at German Primary School

Shortly before the Easter holidays, the Easter Bunny stopped at the German Primary School and hid many goody bags in the school playground. Did you know that hiding eggs has only been his job for 350 years? Before that, the job was done by a fox in Northern Germany, in Switzerland by a cuckoo, and in Austria by roosters.

On the morning of the Easter hunt, mums of the parents’ council brought baskets of coloured boiled eggs for each class. Despite being too beautiful to eat, the eggs were put away during breakfast break. In glorious sunshine, all classes gathered together in the playground during the 8th lesson and sang an Easter song. After that, children were looking in small teams for the goody bags. The Easter Bunny and his helpers did such a fantastic job that the last hiding spots could only be found through team work. Everyone enjoyed that. The chocolate eggs, which the Easter Bunny brought especially from Germany, were delicious! However, where to put all the sweets that one finds? With the helping hands of their teacher, children crafted beautiful and colourful Easter baskets. Whether dotted, braided, glued, decorated with ribbons and feathers, or coloured, the Easter baskets were the secret stars of the day even though students thought that the contents were just as important. Children of Flex 1/2b crafted together with class 4 and learned a lot by watching them.

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