Our Teaching & Learning Vision

Taipei European School is an enabling environment in which each student's needs are met and supported by a network of positive relationships between all members of the community. Every student is able to flourish, make progress and develop a life-long love of learning within creative and safe classrooms that promote collaboration, risk-taking and reflective practice. Students are encouraged to utilise technology judiciously to enhance their knowledge, broaden their perspectives and communicate their ideas effectively.

TES students are able to critically explore information from a variety of sources and make informed and sensitive decisions through the use of higher-order questioning skills. Student learning is enhanced by individualised support that is informed by available data, pastoral profiles and interpersonal relationships with professional and caring staff.

 Students receive regular feedback on their learning in a range of ways and are empowered to make proactive decisions about the next steps in their learning through informed target-setting and the language of meta cognition and critical thinking. Our teachers are well qualified, reflective and knowledgeable and aim to provide rigorous as well as enjoyable learning experiences. We care equally about achieving world class academic outcomes as we do about individual student well being.

TES is a community that develops each student as a unique individual into independent, principled and mindful members of the global community.

Our Partners