Mission and Vision

“The mission of the Taipei European School is to provide educational excellence and European culture and values within the context of Taiwanese society”


The three key elements of the TES Mission statement are:


Educational Excellence

·         Striving to reach each child’s own potential;

·         Knowing and developing the “whole” child;

·         Developing love of learning;

·         Recognising mobility needs of the students.


European Culture and Values

·         Europe gives us common values that unite us and cultural diversity that strengthens us.


Context of Taiwanese Society

·         Respecting, understanding and learning from our host country;

·         Seeking interaction, partnership and service contribution.


Core Values


At TES we believe in:

·         Striving for excellence in all that we do;

·         Encouraging the development of the whole student;

·         Sustaining a strong ethos emphasising students’ welfare and their personal, social and emotional development;

·         Encouraging students to pursue their natural curiosity thereby developing enquiring and challenging minds and enhancing their critical thinking and preparation for life-long learning;

·         Promoting good citizenship through a concern and compassion for social, global and environmental issues; 

·         Respecting and celebrating the multicultural environment of our school for the enrichment it brings; 

·         Developing the potential of each member of our school community;

·         Maintaining a strong partnership between our school, parents and the community.

Our Partners