Welcome from Head of the British Secondary and High School Section

To lead the British Secondary and High School Section is a tremendous privilege, and a position I have relished since my appointment as Head of Section in 2014. It is an ongoing delight to facilitate the personal, social and academic growth of our student body who, with the care and support of their parents combined with the high quality teaching of our committed staff, are the most inspirational and impressive ambassadors of our school.

We are hugely proud of the fact that our graduates consistently win places in universities that are among the best across the world. However, the growth and development of our students goes beyond their academic excellence; they also develop the qualities of cultural understanding, compassion, empathy and tolerance through their daily life at school. Our aim is to enable our students, however long they are with us, to grow into kind, thoughtful and responsible citizens of the world. With this in mind, we provide all students, from Year 7 up to High School, with high levels of pastoral support that ensure that the school environment is nurturing and safe and therefore conducive to the highest standards of learning.

At the heart of the TES vision are the notions of citizenship, internationalism, and the development of the whole student, and these aims are evident in the day to day life of the school, as well as borne out in our mission to promote ‘European culture and values within the context of a Taiwanese society’. Furthermore, we encourage students to develop in a much broader sense, through the many cultural, community, artistic, sporting and charity activities that feature prominently in our extra-curricular calendar.

Our unique blend of curriculum programmes ensures that whilst retaining our ‘British’ connections to the UK educational system, we also offer world class internationally accredited examination programmes that enable our students to transfer between other British international schools if needed, as well as access an array of global tertiary opportunities.

I warmly welcome you to our school.

Chrysta Garnett

Head of the British Secondary and High School Section

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