Our Parents

A successful partnership between school and home is an essential ingredient in a child’s learning and we are committed to working in partnership with the parents to meet the needs of the children. This partnership depends on effective communication and active and positive interest in your child’s learning.

At the beginning of the First Term, British Primary Section Class teachers meet with parents to introduce themselves and to explain classroom rules and routines. Parent Evenings are held 3 times a year so that parents can review the progress of their children and discuss relevant concerns. Parents are welcome to arrange an interview with their child’s teacher at any time during the school term. Similarly, teachers will contact parents should they be concerned about a child’s progress or behaviour.

During the year, workshops and curriculum evenings will be arranged to communicate new developments to parents and to discuss specific areas of the curriculum. Letters are regularly sent out by teachers, the School Head and the PTA Secretary to help keep parents informed of school happenings.

The British Primary Section would not be so successful without the help and support of our parent body, who can get involved in the children’s school life in numerous ways. Many parents at our school volunteer their time and offer to help out in numerous ways. It is always a pleasure to welcome parents to our campus and we are grateful for their ongoing support.

In addition to supporting their children academically, parents at the school are also active in the British Primary Parent Teacher Association (BP PTA) and the Parents Support Council (PSC). These associations work to foster community spirit, organise social events, engage in fundraising and provide support to parents and students at the school.

Our Partners