Our Leadership

The British Primary Section is led by the Section Head, Mr Duncan Millward, who is responsible for all aspects of the leadership of teaching and learning across the section. The Head of the British Primary School reports directly to the CEO, who is the Executive Principal of the British sections.

The British Primary Section leadership team consists of Mr Duncan Millward, Section Head, Mr Aidan Stallwood and three Assistant Heads, Mrs Clare Doyle, Mrs Katrina Millward and Mr Craig Gamble; and Mrs Jennifer Laird.

The Senior Leadership Team manages the Year Group Teams and oversees the Specialist Departments, including EAL and Learning Support. They are also responsible for the management of pupil welfare and ensure that the curriculum is delivered to the highest standard.

Other members of school have taken on Positions of Responsibility that range from Head of Music to Gifted and Talented Coordinator.


Leadership TeamName          Focus on
Head of BPSMr Duncan Millward
Deputy Head Mr Aidan Stallwood   
  • Assessment  
  • Reporting to Parents
Assistant Head

Mrs Katrina Millward           

  • Curriculum
Mr Craig Gamble
  • Pastoral Care
  • Behaviour Management
Mrs Clare Doyle
  • Learning Support
  • EAL
TeacherMrs Jennifer Laird
  • Curriculum Coach




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