The School Council

In order to share information and to have open channels of communication with stakeholders we will adopt a very European model for participation in defining school policy and procedures. Most matters arising are site related and hence most meetings will be site oriented. The British Sections will have a Parent Council, Teacher Council and Student Council. At full British Primary Council meetings parent representatives and teacher representatives will be present and input may be sought from the Student Council but they would not be expected to attend. The Head and CEO will attend all meetings and may invite other school specialists to meetings when relevant. Meetings will run once a month, and minutes from these will be posted here on the school website.


The full British Primary Council will be made up of the following representatives:

Parent council members:

Mrs Charlotte Hsu

Mr Edward Swift

Mrs Emma Unsworth

Mrs Marie Christoffersen


Teacher council members:

Ms Elizabeth Bottomley-Chang: Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs Jeni Wong: Year 5 Class Teacher / PSHE Coordinator

Mrs Lize Dawes: EAL Teacher

Mr Dipak Mondal: IT Specialist Teacher



Student council:

In the British Primary Section each child belongs to a ‘tribe’. The tribes are Bunan, Paiwan, Ami and Rukai. Children can earn merit points for their tribe, and events such as Sports Day are friendly competions between the four tribes.

Children from Year 2 upwards elect councillors to join the ‘Tribes’ Council, with children from the French and German Sections also joining us on occasion. This acts as a school council and children talk about ways they work together to make school a positive, enjoyable experience for all our pupils. They also talk about how we can support less fortunate members of our local and global communities.

Our Partners