Our Students

The enthusiasm, warmth and desire to learn shown by our students, from Nursery through to Year 6, makes it a joy to work in The British Primary Section. Our children are drawn from all over the world and come together to learn under the framework of our curriculum and the values of our school.

Our Section is made up of 4 classes in each year group from Nursery through to Year 6, with, from August 2016, around 680 students on roll.

The European Primary Campus (EPC) comprises of three Sections: the British Primary School Section the German Section and the French Section. Together we seek to integrate and share together in activities wherever appropriate (such as in areas of music, dance, sporting events and special assemblies) whilst maintaining each section’s identity and curriculum. This is a unique and exciting venture that is integral to our TES vision.

As an international school we often welcome new students and their families to our school community. We are committed to making the transition a positive and practical one.

Our Partners