Curriculum: Early Years

Nursery is run as an open unit. There are 4 registration bases with 16 children in each (64 in total). Each registration class has 1 teacher and 1 learning assistant.

Reception has 2 pods of 40 children (80 in total), each pod with 2 registration bases with 1 teacher and 1 learning assistant in each. In addition, there is 1 EYE (Early Years Enrichment) teacher supporting individual needs in each pod.

The children, under the direction of the teaching team, have access throughout the pod or unit and outside areas for their play. Staff work across the pod or unit, teaching, supporting and observing a mix of adult-guided activities, adult-supported play and self-initiated play.

We have specialist teachers for Music and PE. Additionally, Reception have a daily Chinese Language and Culture session.

Learning is facilitated on an individual basis, with individual interests used as a basis for concept and skill development in a play-based curriculum - the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework for England.

The BPS ILR (Individual Learning Record) is the assessment tool used to identify learning and development for each child. This is shared with the parents in a digital format and discussed at the parent meetings. Following the BPS cycle, parents also receive written progress reports twice per year.

At the end of Reception we also assess learning against the expected levels of progress for 5 years olds (the ELGs) from the EYFS Profile. In their final report parents receive a written summary stating if their child is not yet meeting these levels (emerging), meeting the expected levels, or is exceeding them.

Parental partnership is essential to the success of this approach. We hold regular sessions to share curricular and developmental information.


Evidence of each child's time in Foundation Stage is shared with the parents through the Seesaw Parent Journal. This online platform includes photos, anecdotal comments, videos and soundtracks in each child's portfolio, chosen to demonstrate each child's unique learning journey.

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