Curriculum: Introduction

We deliver the English National Curriculum suitably modified for the international context of our school. The curriculum we have designed enables all students to:

  • Achieve competence in all aspects of English — speaking, listening, reading and writing;
  • Develop confidence and competence in mathematics;
  • Develop their skills in observing and understanding the world around them, especially the culture and society in which they live, through the application of scientific, historical, geographical and linguistic perspectives;
  • Have a tolerance and understanding of other cultures and societies through personal, social and health education;
  • Experience learning by handling a wide variety of art materials in order to encourage experimentation and appreciation of art;
  • Enjoy opportunities for creative and expressive activities, including music and drama;
  • Value and enjoy physical activities, and understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle;
  • Use information communication technology (ICT) as a cross-curricular tool for the manipulation and presentation of information;
  • Learn a variety modern foreign languages, enabling them to understand and communicate effectively in specific situations;
  • Think about their place in the world and understand the importance of helping others less fortunate than themselves.

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