Taipei European School has evolved over the years from humble beginnings to the  world-class education institution it is today. This remarkable journey highlights the power of cooperation and partnership between the expat community and the host nation.


Several multinational companies took the initiative to form three separate European schools: the Ecole Française de Taipei (EFT, established in 1989), the  Deutsche Schule Taipei (DST, established in 1990) and the Taipei British School (TBS, established in 1991). Each started small, setting up classrooms in rented houses and at a Youth Activities Centre. The three schools were free to adopt the curricula of their homelands. This aspect was so important that it is still a fundamental premise of the school today.


Dr C.V. Chen, then General Secretary of the Red Cross, worked with the Boards of all three schools to secure better facilities from the Taiwanese Government and eventually the schools were able to secure space at an existing school site on WenLin Road. For the first time, the French, German and British schools were housed under the same roof.


As the popularity of the three schools grew, it was soon decided to seek land and construct our first purpose-built school. A plot of government land on Yang Ming Shan was secured and consequently Phase I of the current secondary campus was constructed. Once the Phase I building was completed, the entire population of the French and German schools, as well as the students from Year 3 upwards of the British school, moved to the new campus.


The Boards of Governors and Directors made the decision to integrate the German, British and French schools even further and establish one single legal entity, the Taipei European School.


The Phase II building and sports field at Yang Ming Shan were completed, as  was the legal process of integration, thus finalising the establishment of Taipei  European School in all aspects. The High School section was established, which allowed for further integration of the curricula and the adoption of the IB Diploma Programme.


Commencement of construction of a new primary campus and Central Administration building at WenLin Road.


The primary campus was completed and the new academic year began with TES finally being accommodated in its own purpose-built facilities across two campuses.


New sports facilities were constructed at the secondary campus.


The Yangmingshan Secondary Campus redevelopment broke ground on June 8th 2017. The first phase is expected to be completed in 2019.

The story of TES is a testament and tribute to the broad and dynamic community that supports it. Leaders, governors, businesses and the diplomatic community have all contributed to its growth. Led by Dr C.V. Chen, we have forged a school community that is unique in the world.

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