Taipei German School Education Association (TGSEA)

The TGSEA is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting the German Section of TES. Fundraising to support selected sustainable school projects and initiatives, as well as being a strategic partner of the German Section and its Board, are the main functions of TGSEA.

Many companies in Taiwan with roots in German speaking countries have a natural interest in having a state-of-the-art school with a German language curriculum available for the children of their employees. 

TGSEA is a platform for these companies, which are interested in playing an active role in the development of the German Section and want to actively support the school financially and also provide input to strategic matters in the school's development. 

The German Section ́s budget is based mainly on 3 pillars, with TGSEA being one of them:

While the first 2 pillars depend on external factors, which are not completely controllable, TGSEA represents a fully committed support channel for the school based on the engagement of interested companies and corporations. The support by TGSEA is independent and can make the difference between a good and a great school. 

Some examples of TGSEA support:

  • TGSEA helped to replace traditional blackboards with smart boards
  • TGSEA provided funds for the setup of a new classroom for the Kindergarten
  • TGSEA provided funds for the most successful marketing campaign of the German Section in order to promote the school to a broader public in Taipei

TGSEA’s budget is funded by 

  • the membership fee of these companies
  • donations
  • 50% of the one-time registration fee of newly enrolled students 

TGSEA, as well as its members and board, work purely on a voluntary basis. This means that, apart from small administrative charges for ensuring professional, transparent and compliant financial reporting, all remaining funds are allocated 100% to school projects and initiatives.

However, TGSEA strives to do more than provide funds for the school development. The association is also a sounding board and discussion partner for the German Section ́s Board in order to ensure that funds are not only available in the right amount, but also that they are dispatched to where it makes most sense. TGSEA offers corporate membership at an annual membership fee of NT 300.000. As a member, you have a seat on the board of TGSEA, where you can actively influence how funds are spent.

Additionally, TGSEA is able to accept donations. Both are tax deductible, as TGSEA is recognised and registered as a non-profit organisation with the authorities in Taipei.

A high quality education requires a sustainable financial basis and top German companies have already joined the TGSEA. If you are interested in more information, please visit

Business contacts:

Sebastian Bollhorst                                          

General Manager 

The Imaging Source Asia Co. Ltd.               




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