Student Council

At the beginning of the 2018/19 school year, we restructured our SMV (Schülermitverantwortung, i.e. Student Council). It consists of the form captains of Klasse 5 to 10 and the students’ school representative (Schulsprecher/in). The Student Council is supported by a liaison teacher (Vertrauenslehrer), who is elected by the students at the beginning of the school year. The purpose of the SMV is to actively participate in shaping school life. The SMV sends representatives to the Steering Group (Steuergruppe) of the German Section and to the Student Council of Taipei European School (TES).  

We are very glad to introduce the Student Council with new representatives as below:  

Class 5: Rafael and Jiwoo

Class 6: Stephen and Vinzent

Class 7: Kayla and Leonie

Class 8: Luca and Calvin 

Class 9: N.N. 

Class 10: N.N. 


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