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10 April 2020

To mitigate the risk of any potential COVID-19 spread, TES will extend our digital learning schedule as follows. Parents: please refer to the CEO announcement email.

Digital Learning Days: 13th to 17th April 2020

Normal classroom teaching will resume on 20 April 2020

Our community's health, safety and well-being are our highest priority

We are fortunate to have zero known cases of COVID-19 in our community. We salute the Taiwanese authorities for keeping the island safe so far and we must also do our best to prevent any potential spread. TES offers age-appropriate and subject-based digital learning content and support. We request our community members to continue to support this continuous learning and to demonstrate to our students the resilience of our community in times of challenge.

為了有效控管並降低新冠狀病毒進入我們的校園,台北歐洲學校將延長數位學習至四月十七日。我們預計在四月二十日回復實體的教學課程。請家長參閱總校長發出的說明。 校園群體的健康與安全是我們的首要優先考量。很幸運地在我們的社群中目前並無任何確診案例。我們衷心感謝台灣政府當局的積極努力以及學生與家長們一直以來給予學校在執行防疫工作上的支持。我們提供符合年齡及學習主題的數位學習內容及線上支援,誠懇的請家長繼續支持這種不間斷地學習方式,讓我們的孩子學習到即使身處在充滿挑戰的時刻的生命韌性,不放棄學習。

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