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24 March 2020

Statement regarding Digital Learning Days

As there are rising concerns around international visitors and returning students from closed overseas schools, TES announced on 18 March that classroom learning will switch to digital learning from 23 March to 1 April. This will be followed by the school’s regular Spring break (2 April to 10 April). TES is scheduled to resume normal classroom teaching on 13 April 2020.

The decision is made for the safety of our students and our community as many returned students or visitors have close connections with our community. Even with the school imposing campus access restriction to the affected students, without accurate information, the school simply could not guarantee safety going forward especially we now have to check inbound travellers to early March. We salute the Taiwanese authorities for keeping the island safe so far and feel that we must also do our best to prevent any potential spread. With the reasons above, we made the decision to go into digital learning for the safety of our students and our community.

TES offers age appropriate and subject based digital learning content and support. We request our community members to follow the communication from the head of your sections to support continuous learning and to demonstrate to our students the resilience of our community in times of challenge.



這個決定基於保護我們的學生和群體的安全的目的,因為許多返國學生及來台訪客與我們的團體有著密切的關聯。即使學校持續嚴格執行防疫相關的校園控管,沒有最即時準確的信息,學校無法確保校園安全。我們向台灣政府防疫相關的主管機關表示敬意,感謝他們到目前為止維持了社區的安全,亦深覺我們 大家都必須盡力防止任何潛在的病毒傳播。基於上述原因,我們為做了進行數位學習的決定。


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